Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Exercise, Coaching & Accountability

Having a dedicated coach that has been helping busy professionals reach their goals for over 18 years on your side, will make things a little easier when things get tough.

With your personalized workout/activity plans scheduled in your own calendar, you will have your own coach keeping you motivated, accountable and keeping you progressing.

You are not signing-up on a cookie cutter workout program or a meal plan but on a complete lifestyle transformation.

Monitor your progress through Reports

You will use a personalized app that allows me to upload your personal program and monitor your progress both for in-person training and online training. You will have access to your progress reports 24/7. Regularly monitoring your progress ensures that we continue to move forward toward your goal. The fitness process can be slow, and seeing your progress can help you stay motivated to continual improvement.

Schedule your workouts

Together, we can schedule your workouts for the week/month so that you have a clear outline of what is required for you to be successful.

Daily nutrition diary

I will be able to guide you to great results through dietary adjustments that work for your lifestyle.

"I started my first-ever personal training/coaching session with Emanuel, and admit to absolutely dreading it...but because I was denying my out-of-control weight gain. Instead of negative feedback from him, Emanuel simply got me in the right state of mind by cheerfully pushing my physical ability - one step at a time. No pressure - but he's no pushover, either. He knows his stuff and can accurately assess yours. Long story short: -I'm wearing slacks that hadn't been worn in over a year (or two)... -No more safety-pinning blouses in front to keep them closed... - My knees stop hurting when climbing stairs."

Brenda J.

"I've worked with Emanuel on-and-off for a while now, and it has been a great experience. He is the total package as a trainer - knowledgeable, friendly, motivating, and just a great guy. He constantly mixes it up so workouts never become boring or routine. He knows exactly when to push you, and when to ease up. Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone up, or pack on muscle, I would highly recommend Emanuel."

Joseph L.
Basic - Online Fitness OR Nutrition Coaching
$197/m**min. 3 months
    Schedule Your free Discovery Session
    • Own personalized App + Website Login
    • Online Fitness OR Nutrition Assessment
    • Monthly Workout Routine scheduled in your App, based on your fitness abilities & goals
    • Video demonstration of the exercises
    • In-App Progress tracking tools
    • Constant program evaluation and coaching
    • Example Meal Plans (if needed)
    • Email support + In-App messaging
    • Monthly Video Call(needs to be scheduled)
    • Weekly check-ins to ensure adherence
    Executive - In person
    $797/m**min. 3 months
      Schedule Your free Discovery Session
      • Access to your own personalized app + website login
      • In-Person/Face to Face Fitness AND Nutrition Assessments
      • Daily Workout/Activity scheduled right in your App
      • In-Person/Face to face demonstration of the exercises
      • Progress tracking during the workout, on the spot
      • Nutrition progress evaluation and coaching
      • Exercise & Nutrition Tips
      • Example Meal Plans (if needed)
      • Unlimited support (within reason)
      • 8x 1 hour personal training sessions per month