Nutrition Coaching

I help busy professionals lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles!

Most of my formal nutrition education is done through Precision Nutrition, an industry leader in nutrition coaching and education. I love their straight forward, evidence based approach to the hard science of nutrition, and the softer science of change psychology.

The Nutrition Coaching Program consists of:

  • An Initial intake and assessment of health, habits and goals
  • I will guide you through a comprehensive, habit-based nutrition education and coaching via an online platform accessible from any mobile device or computer.
  • A New nutrition and health-related habit focus every 2 weeks.
  • Daily lessons are directly related to the current habit.
  • Lessons take 5-10 minutes to read or listen to. Audio versions are also available so you can easily listen in your car on your commute to work.
  • A Separate curriculum for men and women
  • Coaching calls. Everything in this program takes a "choose your own adventure" approach. If there are certain habits you know won't work for you or your lifestyle I can help you troubleshoot or customize the habits to make them realistic and sustainable. If you are struggling in certain areas, I can work with you to find small ways to do just a little more, a little better until you’re seeing progress. Coaching calls can be included as part of your package for built in guidance and accountability.
  • A scientifically proven nutrition coaching system, powered by Precision Nutrition, that has delivered results to over 100,000 people that have lost over 2.000.000 pounds of body fat!
$197/m**commit to 3 months
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    • Quick Start Guide

    • Private Online Dashboard

    • Short Daily Lessons via Email

    • Bi-Weekly Habit Change

    • Online Progress Tracking

    • Bi-Weekly Assessements

    • Coach Check-ins (high in coaching & support)

    • Education To Adopt Nutrition To YOUR Lifestyle

    • Bi-Weekly Accountability Face to Face Check-in

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